Even though they can sometimes become dry and cracked, especially in the winter months, lips are a real focus for all of us interested in beauty and a bright smile.

Which is where lipstick comes in.

Everyone loves lipstick, right?

After all, statistics show that well over 70% of women (and an increasing number of men) regularly wear lipstick. And why not? After all, who doesn’t want a dazzling smile?

The trouble is, those smiles too often come at the expense of our health.

Especially if we wear conventional lipsticks.

You see, most lipsticks are full of synthetic ingredients like methylparabens, proplyparabens, retinyl palmitate, artificial colorants, and tocopheryl acetate; ingredients which have been linked to endocrine disruption, allergies, nervous system damage, severe skin reactions, and even cancer!

In other words, they’re not the kind of ingredients you want anywhere near your mouth, especially since the average woman ingests an estimated 1.5kg of lipstick in her lifetime!

We know. Ewww...

But what if you could use a lipstick with nourishing natural and organic ingredients and no chemical nasties?

What about a lipstick with amazing colour payoff which actually cares for your lips and helps protect them?

That’s the kind of lipstick we make.

The kind that promises a healthy, high dazzle smile.

No compromise.

If that’s the kind of lipstick that appeals to you then check out this month’s special below.