Samadhi Sandalwood & Vanilla Incense Sticks - World Organics

100% natural incense sticks, rich in pure Sandalwood Oil and Vanilla Isolates. Presented in a gift box with ceramic incense holder.

Samadhi Sandalwood and Vanilla incense for Peaceful Mindfulness (retiring soon)

20 sticks + ceramic holder

Sandalwood helps to relax the mind and bring deep peace and self-knowledge. The exotic, rich and woody scent of Sandalwood combines well with the soft, warm notes of Vanilla, an essential oil known to enhance feelings of inner peace and focused alertness.

Made with 100% Organic Ingredients
100 Natural Ingredients

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Made from natural bamboo which is hand rolled in 100% natural ingredients of aromatic essential oil and attar oil.
Made from Aromatic Herbs, Resins, Oils and Attars.
100% Non- Toxic Incense
Free from Synthetic Substances

100% natural Ingredients of Vetivert Essential Oil, Vetivert Attar and Labdanum Resin.

5 Essential Oil Blends