Aroma Pulse Point Juniper Purify & Empower - World Organics

A luxurious organic pulse point perfume comprising of the fresh, woody and pepper aromas of Juniper.

Pulse Point Juniper Purify and Empower

10ml / 0.34 oz

Designed so that they can be kept in a pocket,bag, or at your desk, our pulse points utilize aroma to stimulate subtle changes in mood or feelings. They are a great way to create positivity and balance the emotions. Designed to purify and empower, our Juniper pulse point comprises the fresh, woody and pepper aromas of juniper essential oil.

Made with 97.5% Organic Ingredients
100% Natural Ingredients

To best experience the perfume of each essential oil and its therapeutic benefits, apply to temples, wrists, across the forehead or behind the ears, as and when required.

Organic cold pressed jojoba seed oil is a common ingredient throughout the pulse points, helping to promote skin suppleness and rejuvenation, as well as ensuring the perfumes are readily absorbed by the skin.
BioGro Certified ‘Made with Organic Ingredients’.



Jojoba Seed (Simmondsia Chinensis) Cold Pressed Organic Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosemary CO2 Extract, Organic Essential Oils (as detailed above).

A luxurious organic pulse point perfume radiating the fresh, soft and floral aromas of Lavender.

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Aroma Pulse Point Range has six distinctive organic essential oil perfumes.