An aromatic and oil balancing combination of an organic Amla infused face wash, toner and a Honeysuckle moisturizer.

Everyday Honeysuckle Set

Amla Face Wash, Toner, Moisturizer FOR OILY / COMBINATION SKIN

The Everyday Honeysuckle Set is designed for normal, combination and oily skin types. Formulated to calm, sooth, brighten and clarify the skin, these products include an aromatic and oil balancing combination of Amla Face Wash, Freshly Free Toner and Honeysuckle Moisturizer.

Amla Clear Face Wash 80ml / 2.7 oz
Freshly Free Toner 100ml / 3.4 oz
Everyday Honeysuckle Moisturizer 60ml / 2 oz
River Veda cotton bag


  • "I just love the RV Everyday Set.. what a great combination and what a great price.. it is so easy to use." - Julie P.

  • "Honeysuckle! I was using the day moisturizer and my skin went crazy also I recommend using the cleansing milk I alternate between the cleansing milk, juniper face wash & exfoliant once a week! And toner also.. & calendula cream on the spots! My skin is going great after only a week of not using it." - Alison C.


Best for Oily, Combination or Normal Skin






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