Aroma Life Blends Set from River Veda Aroma Spa Range

Five exquisite, 100% organic essential oil blends.

Aroma Life Blends Set

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Five exquisite, 100% organic essential oil blends. Each oil is blended to harmonize your mood, your levels of energy or your sense of wellbeing, enhancing your present state of mind.

Joy, Breathe, Unwind, Sensual and Vitality Blends 10ml / 34 oz
River Veda cotton bag







6 products and one bamboo cloth
Five gorgeously scented organic essential oil blends and the unscented Jojoba and Meadowfoam Bath and Body Oil. The set also includes a luxurious soft bamboo eco body cloth.

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Energy Bliss comprises two luxurious, organic body oils and two soft bamboo eco body cloths.

This luxurious organic body oil is packed with nature’s restorative vitamins, minerals and plant omegas.