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Become a Consultant

A Business you can be proud of! Nurture. Transform. Flourish.

Nurture your world by selling products which are good for those who use them and the planet on which we live. Transform your life and the lives of those around you with our world-class organic products. Flourish by earning an income and living a life suited to your needs.

A World Organics Consultancy offers you the chance to build a business which can provide a great income, personal freedom, and a sense of pride in what you do.

As a World Organics Consultant, you can earn income from three separate streams:

  • – Get Togethers and one-on-one sales
  • – Repeat customer orders
  • – Sales made by members of your team



Business opportunities of World Organics

FAQs about Signing Up

1What are the kit options?

There are 3 kit options, all heavily discounted and designed to meet every budget. If you simply want to dip your feet in the water, and discover whether the products, and business, is right for you, then our Sample Kit Option provides the ideal starting point, allowing you to test the products and share them with family and close friends. On the other hand, if you're ready for a new challenge, indulging your passion for ethically made skincare and makeup, and earning an income by sharing products with family, friends, and acquaintances, then our Fab Faves, Skincare Central, and Organic Bounty Kits offer a wide range of choice for you to kick-start your consultancy in style. Details of all of our kits, including supplementary marketing and training materials, are listed on our website.
Please visit www.worldorganics.com/join-as-consultant/joining-options

2Can I pay for my kit in instalments?

All kits can be purchased by instalments, payable monthly.


Once you sign up, you receive an email welcoming you to World Organics and outlining the next steps. Once you place your kit order and pay for it, we will be in touch with you via email. If you have paid for your kit outright, your kit will be shipped to you within 48 working hours. If you have paid a deposit on your kit, we will need more information from you before your kit is shipped. In any case, you can login to your consultant account and get going!

4What discount can I expect to earn?

We have a generous compensation system, with discount paid monthly based on the number of points you accumulate in the month. The following discounts apply:

- 0-400 points: 20% discount
- 400-800 points: 25% discount
- 800+ points: 30% discount

Each point earned is roughly equivalent to one dollar in sales, but this can vary from country to country dependent on exchange rates.

In addition to your personal discount, you can expect to earn bonuses on the sales of anyone in your team, should you become part of the leadership pathway and begin to sponsor other consultants.

5What are the leadership levels if I want to build a team?

The leadership levels, and the requirements, bonuses and rewards that are associated with each level, are outlined in the World Organics Reward Plan. Currently, there are 5 leadership levels in the Rewards Plan, although this is subject to revision and change as we continue to evolve and grow.

6What do I have to do to stay active?

To remain active as a consultant you must maintain a minimum Personal Points Volume (PPV) of 250 points in any three month calendar cycle.

7Do I receive a discount on any products I purchase?

Yes, you are entitled to purchase products with a 30% discount. These purchases are added to your PPV.

8Do I have to hold get togethers?

No. You can remain active simply by sharing the products with family and friends or by meeting with others one-on-one and introducing them to the ranges.

9What training can I expect to receive?

For new consultants, we have a comprehensive Induction Program in the consultant Back Office that takes you step-by-step through the essentials – including information about the company, products and brands you are selling, how to build contacts, organize and hold get togethers, sponsor successfully, and so on.

We also have our much-loved Business Companion folder (which our consultants always keep close), offering a detailed breakdown of the ingredients and benefits of every single product in our range.

In addition, there is a lively consultant support group on Facebook, leaders hold regular training sessions in their area, we have a wonderful Annual Conference, and there is a heap of extra information in the Training and Resources section of the consultant Back Office.

10How often are new products introduced?

We regularly introduce new products. This includes new colours or skews for products in our makeup range (e.g. lipsticks) as well as entirely new products. We are always looking to refine and expand our ranges and understand that this is an important component of your business and your ability to stay in touch with your customers.

11What makes World Organics different?

There’s so much that makes us unique! We believe we sell great, certified organic skincare and makeup - products that help us stand out from the crowd. Here’s just a few of the things you will learn about when you become a consultant and which you will be able to proudly share with your customers:

- Our products are made with revolutionary supercritical extracts – pure, whole extracts that pack a real therapeutic punch!
- We are a family business, with 5 generations of experience in the field of natural health and beauty.
- We have fostered great relationships with organic community farms in India, helping them to prosper and helping to revitalize agricultural land that has suffered from the overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
- Our packaging and design is gorgeous, and the equal (we believe) of any high-end cosmetics brand.

12Explain the monthly special.

We offer two monthly specials – one for customers and one for hosts.

The customer special is always a free product and is offered to customers who spend a specified minimum amount (e.g. $99).

The host special is also a free product. It is given to any host whose get together sales meet a specified minimum (e.g. $300). This gift is offered in addition to any free or half-price vouchers the host might qualify for.

13What is the Jasmine Club?

The Jasmine Club is our way of rewarding loyal customers. Any customer who spends $150 or more (either cumulatively or in one order) becomes a member of the Jasmine Club and is entitled to a 20% discount on all future orders. Membership of the Jasmine Club is ongoing, provided the customer spends $150 or more over the course of the year.

14Do you have an Annual Conference?

Yes! It’s a time of celebration, learning and lots and lots of fun.


Say hello to the future of beauty.

With every product purchased, we give
back on your behalf, by planting a tree.

We are world leaders in the use of revolutionary,
high-performing CO2 extracts.

No synthetic chemicals, no toxics, no worries.
Allow your skin to breathe.

Recyclable, refillable, reusable, and customizable
packaging systems, for you and our planet.

We’re certified by BioGro, so you can be sure
you’re getting only the good stuff.

Our partners are helping regenerate Indian farmland
and supporting indigenous communities worldwide.