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Rejuvenate Key Ingredients

Juniper Berry (Juniperus Communis) Organic Supercritical Extract *

Juniper is a tonic for oily and congested skins. It is detoxifying and antiseptic so useful for treating acne, blocked pores, eczema, psoriasis and inflammations. Emotionally, it is useful to stimulate and strengthen the nervous system and clear negative energy.

Lemon Peel (Citrus Medica Limonum) Essential Oil - Organic

Lemon is useful for cleansing the skin and is a useful antiseptic, astringent and antibacterial as well as being well regarded as an anti-inflammatory. It is refreshing and cooling and is known to lift the spirit and to be useful for mental fatigue as it helps to improve the ability to concentrate.

Sweet Orange (Citrus Sinensis) Essential Oil

Sweet Orange Oil is beneficial for soothing dry, irritated or acne prone skin because of its anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Its cheerful and radiant nature also conveys warmth and happiness, helping us relax and unwind.

Crystal Potassium Alum

Crystal Potassium Alum is a natural mineral salt which helps prevent body odor. The magical properties of crystals, acting as a pure and natural form of body deodorant, have been recognized for many hundreds of years.


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