Host a Get Together

Enjoy a free beauty pamper session!

Our Get Togethers are not only great fun, but easy to host. Just sit back and be rewarded as an experienced World Organics Consultant runs you through a selection of our world-class products.

We have a variety of wonderful Get Together experiences for you to choose from, including:

  • – Skin Pamper
  • – Makeup
  • – Aroma
  • – Baby Shower
  • – Personal Consultation

Whatever you choose, we promise to make your Get Together fun!

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Host Rewards

We believe that your generosity in agreeing to be a host deserves to be recognised. That’s why we offer some of the best host rewards in the business.

As a host, you stand to receive:

  • – A free product gift at the outset of the Get Together where sales are over $300.
  • – Free products and access to half-priced shopping, as outlined in the table below.
  • – Shopping vouchers valued at $50 or $100 for onward Get Together bookings.*

Get Together Sales
(guest total retail)
Host Shopping
for Free
Half Priced
$1000 $200 5
$800 $150 4
$700 $140 4
$600 $120 3
$500 $100 3
$400 $80 2
$300 $60 1

* For onward get together bookings where sales are between $300 and $500 a $50 voucher will be issued.

* For onward get together bookings where sales are over $500 a $100 voucher will be issued.

Special offer of get together

Interested in holding a World Organics presentation or get together?

We hope so! It’s fun, rewarding and easy to do.
We would love to hear from you and will happily answer any questions you might have.